14. Jan

Kurzschluss' 6th birthday

The local Sharkastique team, represented by Sylvain, Jackie, Dave Manali and Stanny Abram, had warmed up the crowd so much that the excellent Simon Marlin from The Shapeshifters has only lifted the audience’s good dancing mood. The icing on the cake came from Teni Tinks, the vocal diva of enviable vocal dimensions. With her live act and stage presence, she has impressed everyone present and dancing with the hit Lola’s Theme, which she was singing live.

Through his two-hour set, the star of the evening, the elder of house music Todd Terry, has led everyone present and dancing through a remarkable palette of his house hits remixes. He has also added a deeper note to his set with deep house and tribal rhythms. The visitors have tasted the real Todd Terry sound and were completely giving into it.

The night was ended in style by the team of local DJs. With the biggest house hits of all times, DJ Shark, Jaka and Sylvain made the packed Kurzschluss dance its feet off. They were joined on stage by the entire organisation team which danced together with the visitors until the end.

Kurzschluss has entered its seventh year as deemed fit – with positive vibes, dance rhythms and satisfied visitors.

Pop up club is opening its doors shortly. We are keeping the programme a secret for now, it will not be long until it is revealed.