14. Jan

25th anniversary of Umek’s music creations

On winter solstice, Umek marked 25 years of making music at the sold-out party in Kurzschluss. He has received congratulations on his anniversary from the most successful techno performer in the world Carl Cox, Katarina Čas and Magnifico. He has received a special acknowledgement for his achievements and promoting Slovenia to the world by the President of the Republic of Slovenia Borut Pahor.

During the 10-hour party, he was joined on stage by 12 DJs he had worked with during his career. The evening began with house music, continued with astrodisco and intensified with techno which made the over 3,000-strong crowd dance their feet off.

Together with Mike Vale and Sharkastique Tunes DJs, Umek awaited his fans immediately after they had entered the main arena. Early guests danced to house rhythms which shed light on the times when Umek was still familiarising himself with electronic music. By the end of the nineties, Umek and the DJs Dojaja, Alex Long and Bizzy ruled the dance floors across Slovenia and immediate neighbourhood. Their joint set paid respect to the retro period and Umek’s great love for the genre.

Schocker D. Hoffman, Veztax and Beltek have lit a fire under the feet of a several-thousand-strong dancing crowd. “Back 2 back” set with friends, whom he co-created the golden era of techno in Slovenia and elsewhere with, has brought back the times when electronic music was transitioning from alternative waters into mainstream.

Surprise of the evening came in the form of video congratulations from the President of the Republic of Slovenia Borut Pahor, the techno music legend Carl Cox, Magnifico, Siddharta and Katarina Čas.

“The old man” then took over the mixing desk and raised the visitors’ temperature, solo this time, to the boiling point. His two-hour set included the hits such as Posing As Me, Gatex and super energy. He has been accompanied throughout the night by numerous friends who danced with him on stage.

After Marko Nastić and Dejan Milićević had masterfully saw through the introduction with Umek, they seized the stage and ruthlessly took the visitors onto the final dance journey of the most persistent until the early hours of the morning.

Umek has received unique sneakers as a gift from the Kurzschluss team which will remind him of his 25th anniversary celebration on every step.